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Serving Richmond, Mechanicsville & Surrounding counties since 1997

Medek Tree Service, Inc.

Located in Mechanicsville, Virginia, Medek Tree Service, Inc. has rightfully established the reputation as being one of the finest privately owned tree service companies in the area; our reputation is built on superb work, and customer satisfaction.  We bring meticulous care to every job and are qualified to handle any size or type of residential, commercial, private market, municipal, governmental, or federal project.  

Our experienced team serves a wide variety of clients including colleges, parks, schools, nursing & retirement homes, golf courses, business complexes, churches, restaurants, apartments, right-of-ways, contractors and so many more.

If you are looking for a knowledgable, reputable, professional, and reliable tree service, that can handle your tree care needs, then you have found the right company, we welcome an opportunity to put our team of experts to work for you.

MTSLogoPics0012.jpgResidential Services

Increase the beauty and value of your private residence by removing dead, dying or disease infested trees, thinning may be necessary to increase light penetration and air movement through the crown of the tree, a crown cleaning may be necessary to remove dead, dying, crowded, or weakly attached branches from the crown of the tree. read more about our services

MTSLogoPics0012.jpgCommercial Services
057.JPGMedek Tree Service, Inc. provides for a host of commercial companies, state agencies, and federal departments, beautifying their landscape investment, and providing services such as professional pruning, removing dead, leaning and hazardous trees, and removing precarious limbs overhanging the roadway, parking lot or picnic areas. read more about our services

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